Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Anxiety and Anticipation

"Curtain call in 5 minutes," a voiced yelled in to my room.

My chance, my opportunity was nearing ever so close. This was going to be my chance to prove my mettle. Faces that I wouldn't normally come across will fix their eyes and cast their judgements upon me. I wasn't quite sure what I could expect.

I closed my eyes for a few short seconds, took a deep breath and rose from my chair. I fastened my jacket, inspecting myself in the mirror at the side of the door. In a few moments time I will be leaving this room fully prepared on what I will say, how I will walk and what image of myself I intend to project to the world.

Last-minute nerves began to show through the fidgety nature of my hands. I clenched my fists, took another series of deep breaths and waited for the sound of the buzzer and that red light to switch on.